m2mfinder - location technology - any device, any phone, on any carrier.
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Mobile Location Technology
Find any m2m device, phone, on any Carrier.
Find Your Mobile. Find Your Machine.

m2mfinder - location technology for any device, any phone, on any carrier.

Welcome to m2mfinder - the Machine & Mobile Cellular Location Portal

m2mfinder is the simplest and most affordable location and tracking service based only on cellular signal technology. m2mfinder addresses both the 'Machine-to-Machine' and the 'Mobile-to-Mobile' market, so any cellular enabled device (m2m module/ modem/ router) or mobile phone (even non-smartphones) can become "location aware". Sign up now to and keep track of your valuable assets, your property, and your workforce.

Key Features and Applications:

Our service is completely cellular network based, which often means simply having your cellular device ON is all that is required to locate your device/phone.
Key Features:
No Software to Install
- yup, there is no app or custom software to download, deploy, or maintain.
No Special Hardware
- just register your device with a valid telephone number (2G/3G/4G modems, non-smartphones, etc.).
Multi-Carrier Service
- our service spans across any domestic GSM or CDMA Mobile Carrier, we've got you covered.
No GPS Required
- we'll give you lat/long coordinates and street address, with or without using GPS satellites.
Indoor Coverage
- if your device shows signal bars or RSSI, chances are we can help you locate it!
Advanced Real-Time
Location Portal
Get the power of real-time, on-demand location from any web-enabled device. With satellite view and street level mapping, login or create an account now to find out how to get started.
- Team Locate - locate and view all your devices / team members in once screen shot.
- Location Scheduler - set automated location schedules: hourly, daily, weekly, all sent directly to your email Inbox or phone.
- Alert Notifications - get notified by email/SMS of any events or account status.
m2m Applications (m2m examples) Mobile Applications (mobile examples)
m2m modules PCI-Express, LGA, Dev-Kits Mobile Phone locator lost or stolen mobile phone
Fleet / Service Vehicles delivery, tow, food trucks Team Locator find mobile sales force
Theft Recovery POS, Kiosk, Vending Machines Family Locator find family members
Privacy location identity Employee Monitoring find employees
Geo-Fencing car rental, delearships Proximity Advertising coupons for nearby clients
Asset Recovery trailer and cargo Financial Authentication / Verification credit card fraud identity

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